Sunday, January 27, 2013


(Comment insertion ediiiiiiiiiiiits)

My first fully CG'd pic, made possible by a drawing tableeeeeeeettttt! I have one now!

These two are part of eight characters I made up based on the seven 'planets' (from Mercury to Saturn, includes Sun and Moon) plus Earth, and birds associated with said 'planets'. The short girl is Koray... (iforgotherlastnameoops), and the tall guy (yes, guy) is Elian Bertok. Mini bio time!

Name: Koray G. 
(Koray means 'moon's ray' or something in Turkish. But it's actually a boy's name herp derp)
'Planet': Moon (duh)
Bird: Crane (...Didn't quite work as I intended it to)

Name: Elian Bertok
(Elian has something to do with 'time' or 'end' in some language I don't know)
Planet: Saturn (not that you can really tell)
Bird: Raven (ravens are cool)