Friday, April 16, 2010

Poem "Song"


Fire, Water, Earth, and Air
Dark and Light, something there
Something past The Veil of Shadows
White are swans and black are Crows
Spellcraft, Dragons, cunning Fae
Moon and Sun, Night and Day
Round and round the Circle goes
Where it ends? no-one knows

Poem "Wolf Pack"

Wolf Pack

The sky is dark,
The stars, a spark
The moon is full and fair.

We rise at night,
The snow shines bright
A hunter scents the air.

Like wraith, or ghost,
The wolf pack host
Pursue the fleet-foot quarry.

We do not rest,
We reach the crest
And stand, in all our glory.

Poem "Dragon Spell"

Dragon Spell

In the mountain ranges cold and bright
In the groups of caves, dark as night
Something moved. Something stirred
Bat wings rustled. A black cat purred
A witch stands by a roaring fire
Calls an ancient creature dire
She throws in oils and spices rare
Then peers in at the thing forming there
As outside the Sun rose from the east
The dragon reared; giant beast
Master of flight, Night or Day
Creature of Sunshine and Moonlights ray