Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day!

Spread the love, guys and gals!

So I started to draw cute chibi couples for valentines day and thought it would be interesting to do a straight couple and two gay couples...

But I messed up the legs on the straight pair's girl and it looked horrible. 

Horrible webcam photo is horrible. Still cute tho.

So we end up with just the two adorable gay couples.

Cuteness incarnate

The epitome of adorability

I want to walk up to a homophobe with these pics and go "How can you be hateful/grossed out/weirded out by something this adorable~~~". Although to some people the cuteness may make it seem more squicky. It doesn't help that they look like kids (I was aiming for older teen).

An awkward thing about this picture is that I started sketching this in today's "religious education" class. (Quote marks because it's all Christianity and no other religions.)

Anyway, hope you guys had a fun Valentines!

Sunday, January 27, 2013


(Comment insertion ediiiiiiiiiiiits)

My first fully CG'd pic, made possible by a drawing tableeeeeeeettttt! I have one now!

These two are part of eight characters I made up based on the seven 'planets' (from Mercury to Saturn, includes Sun and Moon) plus Earth, and birds associated with said 'planets'. The short girl is Koray... (iforgotherlastnameoops), and the tall guy (yes, guy) is Elian Bertok. Mini bio time!

Name: Koray G. 
(Koray means 'moon's ray' or something in Turkish. But it's actually a boy's name herp derp)
'Planet': Moon (duh)
Bird: Crane (...Didn't quite work as I intended it to)

Name: Elian Bertok
(Elian has something to do with 'time' or 'end' in some language I don't know)
Planet: Saturn (not that you can really tell)
Bird: Raven (ravens are cool)